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MLM Software

If you are Network Marketer or you are a person who is involved in MLM Business, you know the exact problem. Your MLM Business is depends on your MLM Software and MLM Software is Directly Proportional to your MLM Compensation Plan. We Provide you Customize MLM or Network, Multilevel Marketing Software and Business Solution and We also Optimize you MLM, Multilevel Marketing Compensation Plan before implementation.

MLM Software is so specialized that means it is not possible for any one software full fill all your needs that is why we customize all features of MLM Software to match your unique needs.

The developed MLM Software is fully integrated, secure, Compile Code and Customer centric with many other MLM Features. Exigent MLM Software follow the ERP Concept that means Exigent MLM Software contains a Centralize data base on cloud by which you will experience Zero Downtime

With the help of centralize data base one Super Admin Can Manage all the MLM Business through System. Super Admin can create a various User with the various Roles. And he will get total control over your System and Users as well as Member (Paid or Free)

You can scroll Bellow and See our Best and Unique Features of MLM Business Solution and MLM Software. If you are interested enough then you can access our Live Project Exposure through Below URL. You Need to Submit Your Email Id and Mobile number We will email you Live Project on your Email Id and You need to Put your Working Mobile, Cell Phone Number so that you could Use transaction code other wise you would not be able to access super and enrich features of Exigent Softech MLM Business Solution.


MLM Features

We Provide you Perfect MLM Business Solution for your MLM Compensation Plan. Exigent Softech provide you mlm web application on centrlized data concept with very very secured server and ssl encrpted server. We have evry type of module like..Binary mlm software,conditional binary mlm software.matrix mlm software,hyip / roi or investment mlm software,affiliate mlm software,elearning mlm software,gift mlm software,donation mlm software,help bucket mlm software, real estate mlm software and many more...

Registration Module Through EPIN Management System

  • Generate Epin.
  • Sell Epin
  • Block Epin.
  • Unblock Epin.
  • All Generated Epin Report.
  • All Sold Epin Report.
  • All Used Epin Report.
  • All Unsed Epin Report.
  • All Blocked Epin Report.

Registration Module Through Payment Gateway.

  • Ecurrency.
  • Paypal.
  • Bank API.
  • Virtual Currency.
  • Wallet Currency.

New Member Registration Module

  • New Registration
  • View Welcome Letter
  • View Personal Detail
  • View Bank Detail
  • View Nominee Detail
  • View Login Detail
  • View Transaction Password
  • View Invoice
  • Update Personal Detail
  • Update Bank Detail
  • Update Nominee Detail
  • Update Login Detail
  • Update Transaction Password

Member Team

  • Genealogy
  • Direct Tree
  • Direct List
  • Group List
  • Downline List
  • Binary Level Downline
  • Direct Level Downline
  • All Unsed Epin Report
  • All Blocked Epin Report

Networking and Non Working Income Report Module

  • Income Report Categorywise like Binary / Direct / Refferal / level / repurchase etc.
  • Income Detail
  • Income History

Wallet Management System

  • Main Wallet
  • Networking Wallet.
  • Product Wallet
  • Repurchase Wallet
  • Product Wallet
  • Affiliate Wallet

Fund Management System

  • Credit in Member Wallet
  • Block Withdrwal Request
  • Pending Withdrwal Request
  • Canceled Withdrwal Request
  • Approved Withdrwal Request

Product ManagementSystem

  • Add Product i.e. product price,category,detail etc.
  • Add Product Image.
  • Update Product.
  • Create Product Category.
  • Update Product Category.
  • Search Product
  • Product Inventory

Admin Activity

  • View or Update Admin Profile
  • Block Member.
  • UnBlock Member.
  • Blocked Member.
  • History Member.

Event Management

  • Post Your News.
  • Post Testimonial.
  • Achiever List.
  • Welcome Pop Up and other festive Pop Up.

SMS Management System

  • Welcome Message to your regsitered Member.
  • Greeting Messages to your regsitered Member.
  • Payout Messages to your regsitered Member.
  • Transaction Messages to your regsitered Member.

Email Management System

  • Welcome Email to your regsitered Member.
  • Greeting Email to your regsitered Member.
  • Payout Email to your regsitered Member.
  • Transaction Email to your regsitered Member.

Secuirity Features

  • SSL Integration.
  • AntiVirus .
  • AntiDDOS .
  • Auto Backup.

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