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CRM Software

An organization is an entity where group of people work together to achieve an Optimum goal. Inorganization there must be a defined Objective and Purpose. If an organization does not have any Objective, will not survive.

The most important thing in today's competitive market is to get the customer and maintain them as your valuable customers.

To achieve this objective Exigent Softech Introduce a CRM Software. CRM(Customer Relationship Management) Concept Plays a vital role in Marketing.


Key concepts of CRM Software are:

  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Relationship: selection and retention.
  • Customer service and service marketing.
  • Comprehensive strategy.

Exigent CRM Software:


The key objective of Lead Management system or CRM Software is to integrate information and processes for Leads, Potentials (opportunities) and Contacts.


  • User Management
  • Location Management
  • Create Leads
  • Search Leads
  • Managing Leads
  • Export Leads
  • Convert Leads
  • Lead Status
  • Change Lead Status
  • Change Lead Owner
  • Email Module
  • Associating Leads with Other Records
  • Sending Emails and News Letter to Leads

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